Shield Is Scientifically Proven To Repel Lice

Communication is the best defense against a lice infestation taking
hold at your school. Check out the following downloadable resources
to help educate parents, as well as school staff and students.

Sample Notification Letter for Parents When Lice Is Found In Classroom Visual Pictogram Lice Education Handout. Source: Centers for Disease Control.

In a laboratory test with live head lice, Shield products were
demonstrated to provide over 80% lice repellency.

Clinically collected live head lice were introduced into a sterile
environment, with treated and untreated tresses of human hair.
Three rounds of testing were conducted: A control with tap water
applied, a test cell with Shield Shampoo & Conditioner in 1
applied, and a cell with Shield Leave In Spray applied. Louse
movement was observed at a time interval of 4 hours.

P-values were obtained from paired t-tests between the number of lice
located on the treated vs. untreated tress. Any P value of less than 0.05
is considered a statistically significant difference.


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